About Us

Professional Services Source is continuing its tradition of providing quality, high impact ethics training programs utilizing the latest technologies and teaching techniques that stimulate life-long learning in an exciting and informative manner. Instead of providing clients with a list of "dos and don'ts", PSS provides clients with cutting-edge graphical self assessment tools and stimulating process oriented content focused on teaching the analytical skills and decision-making tools that enable individuals and organizations to thrive in a complex world of competing demands and goals. 


At PSS it is our mission to enable ethical adeptness, to move beyond both compliance and application of principle to situation models of ethical reasoning.  Given the widely recognized limitations and unforeseen negative consequences of compliance-oriented ethics, as well as the inertia created by principles in conflict, we at PSS have sought to create tools and methods for developing alternatives and enhancing personal decision-making power. 

Although principle-based ethics programs outshine compliance-based ones in terms of facilitating personal responsibility and ethical effectiveness, some method for discerning which principles are of highest priority, and the specific nature of the appropriate application must accompany their use, if principles are to be optimally utilized.  Moreover, the very meaning of culturally-defined ethical principles may come into question when their use is attempted in novel contexts.  We at PSS therefore provide our clients with a number of ethical frameworks and criteria for choosing the most appropriate among them in any given situation.  Depth, breadth, and dexterity are thus the hallmarks of the professional and personal development fostered by the programs available through PSS.

Executive Staff

Candice Shelby, Ph.D., President

Designing and implementing ethics programs for targeted educational and professional environments has occupied a significant portion of Candice Shelby's time over the past 16 years. After earning her Ph.D. from Rice University, Dr. Shelby began developing a professional career in ethics training, consulting, and program development, while teaching in diverse academic settings. She has created and implemented customized programs in ethics for a wide variety of organizations, including the American Leadership Forum, Colorado Bar Association, Conoco Oil and University of Houston Health Sciences Center. Dr. Shelby has been a member of the American Association for Professional and Applied Ethics and was the founder and first editor-in-chief of Dilemma: An Ethics Journal. In addition to her responsibilities with Professional Services Source, she is also Executive Director of the Center for Ethics and Community at University of Colorado at Denver where she teaches philosophy. 

Matthew Pike, Ph.D., Director

Dr. Pike has a Master's degree and Ph.D.in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as a Certificate in College Teaching. He teaches a range of classes on the CU Boulder campus, and was chosen to serve as the Lead Graduate Teacher for the philosophy department. In addition to his background in philosophy and ethics, he has also accumulated extensive experience within the IT field, as well as management and communications expertise. He has worked with a wide range of professional industries and non-profit organizations. He brings a well-rounded leadership presence into the PSS formula. Matt Pike is committed to leading by example, believing that an ethics consulting and training company needs to embody the values and techniques that it teaches. With this in mind, he has directed himself toward the goal of providing quality, customized ethics training, consulting and code building services to businesses, organizations and communities around the world in the hope of fostering a more productive, more efficient, and happier environment for businesses, families and individuals to exist.  

Michael Dye, B.A., Chief Technical Officer

With 20 years of computer programming experience, and over 10 years as a Tai Chi instructor, Mr. Dye brings both a commitment to living well and the technical expertise required to deliver our educational content in a flexible, reliable, and effective online format.