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Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are not offering in-person training at this time. Please contact us to arrange training or consulting in either remote or online format.

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Integrity Training, Ethics Courses & Consulting

Based in Denver, Colorado, PSS provides quality ethics courses and training (both online and in-person) that take a very different approach. Typical ethics training courses offered in the business world consist of a few simple rules and descriptions of standard compliance practices in the professional field. We approach ethics training, however, by teaching analytical tools and ethical decision-making skills that can be applied to any new situation. This approach renders employees capable of making sound judgments even as their roles or fields of enterprise change. With the skills and strategies developed through our ethics training and consulting, people are empowered to take responsibility for governing themselves and for making informed and justifiable decisions in any situations.

Our mission is to enhance personal and professional interactions within businesses, organizations and their surrounding communities through programs that support ethical decision making, corporate values management, ethics compliance training and continuing professional education. Our learningEnvironments™:

-Clarify Ethics Decision-making Processes

-Improve Professional Relations

-Optimize Ethical Interactions

-Stimulate Life-Long Learning

Whether in the professions, the public sector or the business community, our unique programs are crafted to assist individuals and organizations in building the necessary ethics foundations, skills and tools for making more effective, productive and responsible individual and corporate decisions.

All of our programs focus on creating unique task-oriented learningEnvironments™— where participants will develop, with greater ease and in a shorter timeframe, skills and knowledge that might otherwise take years to absorb. Flexibility, convenience, collaborative and engaging interactive platforms are the hallmarks of our approach.

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